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Best for Your Wellness

Achieve Younger and Healthier Skin

Red light boosts collagen production, reducing fine lines and giving your skin a healthy glow.
Anti-aging Wrinkles Anti-Acne
$209 $399
Light Therapy Mask
$139 $399
Light Therapy Machine

Elevate Your Body Wellness

Full-body relaxation relieves pain and inflammation from head to toe and promotes overall wellness.
Pain Relief Inflammation Recovery
$849 $1,299
Red Infrared Light Therapy Mat
$1,649 $2,999
Red Light Therapy Bag

Stop Endless Shaving Routine

Enjoy smooth, silky skin all summer long, without the need for endless shaving.
Hair Removal Firm Skin
$189 $399
IPL Hair Removal
$269 $499
Anti-aging RF Device

Enhance Body Contouring

Step into summer with confidence and silky-smooth skin,discover a new level of self-assurance and allure this season.
Body Contouring Remove Cellulite Firm Skin
$259 $499
RF Body Slimming Device
$479 $799
LED Body Contouring Belt

Discover a New Dimension of Living

Introducing our latest collection for elevated lifestyle experiences.
Enhance Energy Build Confidence Promote Comfort
$139 $280
Red Light Therapy for Wellness
$179 $258
Music Boxing Machine
Discounted Bundles

Full Body Rejuvenation Set

Explore Next Level LED Red Light Therapy At Your Home
Bundles Included:
  • Led Light Therapy Bag*1
  • LED Light Therapy Mask*1
  • Essence Mask *10 Pcs
$1,829 $3,499

Body Contour Set

Rf Paired With Led Technology For Flawless Contours And Silky Smooth Skin
Bundles Included:
  • Rf Body Slimming Device*1
  • Red Light Body Contour Belt*1
  • Essence Gel * 3
$589 $899

Professional Therapy Set

A Solution for Skin and Wellness Across Every Inch of Your Body
Bundles Included:
  • Red Light Therapy Bag*1
  • Light Therapy Machine*1
  • Essence Mask * 10 Pcs
$1,779 $3,399

Skincare Care Set

Stop endless hair shaving routine and firm your skin.
Hair Removal Anti-aging
Bundles Included:
  • IPL Hair Removal Device*1
  • RF Anti-aging Device*1
  • Essence Masks*1
  • Essence Jel*2
$399 $699