Becoming An Affiliate

Make Commissions by Becoming a MEGELIN Affiliate

Start earning cash as a MEGELIN Affiliate today!

The MEGELIN Affiliate Program offers an effortless opportunity for individuals who own websites or e-Newsletters to earn money by directing potential customers to Essentially, being an affiliate means promoting our products by sharing them on your blog, social media channels, technology websites, or even with your friends.

As an affiliate, you'll receive a 20% commission for every purchase made through the unique referral link you provide. This means that by joining our program, you have the opportunity to earn a 20% commission on all MEGELIN products, including our popular IPL hair removal and skincare devices.

Reasons to become a MEGELIN Affiliate

Brand Recognition

MEGELIN X provides an exceptional at-home hair removal experience, which quickly gained popularity and became one of the best-selling IPL hair
removal devices in Europe, North America, Korea, and Japan within just a few months. However, we aim to expand our market further.

Partner with a Leader

MEGELIN is an emerging brand that offers top-notch personal care products for beauty enthusiasts worldwide.
With our award-winning and proven-effective products, referring MEGELIN has never been easier.

Order Size of $239 - $429

Join the Megelin Affiliate program today and begin earning a 20% commission on our range of units, which are priced between $239 and $429.
With this generous commission rate, the potential for earning is tremendous!

Product Upgrades

Always Innovating with Ongoing Product Upgrades and Launches.
As an affiliate you will receive the inside scoop on new promotions, deals and new product launches which will keep both your site and promotions

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