Payment Issues and Solutions

1. Why did my credit card payment fail?

When customers use a credit card for transactions, issuing banks carry out a series of systematic operations to ensure the transaction is safe and to protect the customer’s interests. If the issuing bank detects that the transaction cannot proceed, it is usually because some information cannot be verified, causing the bank to block the transaction. We have compiled some common reasons for payment failures and their solutions:


a. Incorrect billing address zip code (accounts for 75% of credit card payment failures)

Issuing banks often use zip code verification to confirm that the transaction was placed by the cardholder, which can reduce the likelihood of fraud. Therefore, if your credit card transaction fails, please check whether you have entered the correct zip code.

1. Enter the correct zip code.
2. If you have forgotten the zip code for the card, try using another card to make the payment.


b. Payment failure due to risk monitoring

Issuing banks typically verify the IP address and user agent during payment to determine if the transaction was initiated by you, thereby reducing the possibility of fraud.

1. If the payment fails, please contact the issuing bank for clarification.
2. Use another frequently used credit card to make the payment.

The above are common reasons for credit card payment failures. If you have any other questions, feel free to communicate with our Megelin customer service representatives. We are here to serve you diligently.