2024 Top Laser Hair Removal | Ulike vs Nood vs Braun vs Megelin

2024 Top Laser Hair Removal | Ulike vs Nood vs Braun vs Megelin

IPL hair removal is becoming popular?

There are currently numerous hair removal solutions available in the market, ranging from physical methods like razors, chemical options such as depilatory creams, to salon-based laser hair removal, and finally, at-home IPL hair removal devices. Each solution has its own advantages and disadvantages. Based on recent market sales data, it's evident that indoor IPL hair removal solutions are gaining popularity in 2023.

According to a market report from the Amazon Data Service Platform Seller Central, IPL hair removal device sales for the period of January to June 2023 exceeded $170 million, with sales surpassing $40 million during PRIME DAY in July. This indicates that users are increasingly embracing indoor IPL hair removal devices as a permanent hair removal solution.

When people choose IPL hair removal devices, the first question they face is how to select the right IPL hair removal device??

Do you really understand what IPL is?

IPL stands for Intense Pulsed Light, providing an at-home alternative to laser treatments for achieving permanent hair removal. IPL devices utilize light within the wavelength range of 500 nm to 1100 nm, with adjustable intensities typically ranging from 10 to 25 Joules.

Additionally, IPL hair removal functions by effectively targeting and disabling hair follicles, leading to the cessation of hair regrowth. With just a few sessions, IPL offers users the benefit of hair-free skin. It is suitable for use on various body areas, including the face, legs, chest, bikini lines.

Ulike vs Braun vs Nood vs Megelin

Currently, we have evaluated and compared IPL hair removal devices from four different brands – Ulike, Braun, Nood, and Megelin. Our analysis takes into account overall market performance, recommendations from influencers, brand value, and performance parameters.

Starting from the technical principles of IPL and the user experience, our article primarily compares the following parameters:

1. Maximum IPL device energy (directly related to hair removal effectiveness).
2. Cooling technology (whether it offers a painless hair removal experience).
3. Continuous Flash Mode (efficiency and time of use).
4. Price (comprehensive cost-effectiveness).

Comparison of IPL Devices

  • IPL Energy

Most IPL hair removal devices on the market operate within the energy range of 15-19J, which is sufficient for the majority of users with regular hair. However, Megelin and Ulike have elevated the energy level to 21J, signifying that they can achieve hair removal results faster and more efficiently than their competitors in the market.

  • Time to See Results

Braun, one of the early entrants into the IPL hair removal device market, claims to achieve hair reduction in as little as 4 weeks. Nood provides official data indicating an 8-week timeframe. Megelin and Ulike, which have upgraded their IPL energy levels, can achieve significant hair reduction in just 3 weeks after the enhancement.

IPL hair removal requires a certain number of sessions and a specific time frame to achieve the desired hair removal results. However, the exact time it takes to see results can vary depending on individual factors, such as hair density, frequency of use, and the method of use.

  • Cooling Feature

IPL technology operates by using photothermal reactions to target and damage hair follicles in the skin. Therefore, the cooling feature is of paramount importance in this process. Lack of cooling functionality may result in the risk of burns and skin sensitivity, making continuous IPL use challenging.

Regrettably, Braun and Nood, early entrants to the market, do not incorporate cooling features. Megelin and Ulike, on the other hand, use sapphire light outlets and internal cooling mechanisms to provide a cooling effect with each IPL flash.

It's worth noting that IPL devices with cooling technology may have some downsides, such as potential noise issues, akin to having an air conditioner running inside the device.

  • Auto-Flash Function

When targeting large areas of the body, such as the legs, chest, or arms, for IPL hair removal, the auto-flash function becomes particularly important. It determines how much time you'll need to complete your hair removal treatment.

Braun, Nood, Ulike, and Megelin all offer the Auto-Flash function. Braun boasts the fastest continuous flash speed, with an interval of only 0.5 seconds, while Megelin and Ulike both have a 0.7-second interval between flashes.

  • Price

After considering the performance parameters of the products, price becomes a crucial factor to take into account.

Braun: $349 (average Amazon price): Braun, with a strong brand heritage as a subsidiary of Procter & Gamble, justifies its relatively higher pricing while offering impressive product performance.

Nood: $249 , with a simple and emotionally resonant brand image, has garnered a substantial fan base in the market as one of the early entrants.

Ulike: $279 - Ulike places a strong focus on brand expression, intending to make significant breakthroughs and innovations in packaging and advertising.

Megelin: $219 - Megelin combines competitive pricing with top-tier performance, allowing it to help users achieve salon-level beauty at home. This is one of Megelin's strategies in realizing its vision. Consequently, many influencers on platforms like YouTube and TikTok have started recommending Megelin's IPL hair removal devices. It offers the best overall cost-effectiveness among IPL hair removal brands.


By now, I believe readers should have gained a reasonable understanding of IPL hair removal devices from the four brands. When considering both price and performance, Megelin's X PRO series stands out as the most competitively balanced option. Braun's Expert series is also a good choice, but it tends to be on the pricier side. Ulike is an expressive and distinctive brand in the IPL hair removal device market. With Thanksgiving and Black Friday approaching, if you're contemplating purchasing an IPL device to address your hair removal needs, don't miss out on the promotional season.