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Beauty Mole Removal Sweep Spot Pen

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  • Remove Blemishes Effectively
  • Without Leaving Scars
  • Safe and Gentle
  • Easy to Use & Long-lasting
  • Blue Light Repair & No Recurrence
  • Carbonization

Help you regain your confidence without invasive removal procedures or expensive visits to the dermatologist. The use of high-tech, electro-ion carbonic acid function keeps safety and have no side effects.

In the Box

Removal Pen*1

Fine Needle*5

Fine Needle Cap*1

USB Charging Cable*1

Instruction Manual*1

Working Voltage


Net Weight
About 75g

Battery Capacity

    Beauty Mole Removal Sweep Spot Pen
    Beauty Mole Removal Sweep Spot Pen
    Beauty Mole Removal Sweep Spot Pen
    Beauty Mole Removal Sweep Spot Pen
    Beauty Mole Removal Sweep Spot Pen
    Beauty Mole Removal Sweep Spot Pen

    Real Customer Results

    Easily Remove Multiple Skin Tags

    Empower yourself to effortlessly remove a variety of blemishes, including moles, spots, warts, sebaceous filaments, and small tattoos. Customize your treatment by adjusting the intensity level to suit your specific needs.

    Indulge in Your Personal Spa at Home

    Offers professional-grade results from the comfort of your own space at an affordable price.Elevate your self-care regimen with ease and convenience.

    Adjust Your Need Anytime

    Enjoy extended usage and prolonged battery life, ensuring uninterrupted functionality whenever you need it. With 15 adjustable levels, LED display,tailor your experience to your precise preferences.

    Say Hello to Perfections with Confidence

    Advanced Ionized Carbonization Technology designed to eradicate blemishes naturally without leaving a trace. With blue light repair and diligent care, ensures scar-free results and eliminates the risk of recurrence safely.

    Mastering Every Step with Ease

    Press the lightning button every time you proceed. From preparation to post-treatment care, each step is meticulously outlined to ensure you achieve optimal results every time.


    Will there be scars after use?

    Proper care and use will not leave scars. After 3 days of use, do not touch the water in the post-pointing area and avoid eating pigmented food within a month.

    Will it rebound and relapse after clicking it?

    After using the correct method to thoroughly clean it,there will be no recurrence.Daily attention should be paid to the cleaning to the wound to prevent the bacterial impurities from entering the wound.

    Is there any pain when I order it?

    With the soothing cream,it won't hurt after applying it.