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Roller Massager and Gua Sha Board

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  • Enhance the Face Line
  • Promote Blood Circulation
  • Resin Material, EU Environmental Protection
  • Flexible Rotation, Smooth Rolling
  • Convenient to Carry



Face Roller & Gua Sha help promote blood circulation, reduce fine lines on the face, and relax facial muscles. When used with serums and creams, this product enhances the effectiveness and absorption of skincare products. The Gua Sha tool can be used on the entire body. Both the face roller and Gua Sha are lightweight and portable, making them a must-have for your skincare routine.

In the Box

Roller Massager*1

Gua Sha Board*1


One Size



Height:15 cm

    Roller Massager and Gua Sha Board
    Roller Massager and Gua Sha Board
    Roller Massager and Gua Sha Board
    Roller Massager and Gua Sha Board
    Roller Massager and Gua Sha Board
    Roller Massager and Gua Sha Board
    Roller Massager and Gua Sha Board

    Real Customer Results

    Renew Your Skin with Ease

    Our roller facial massager is designed to promote blood circulation, eliminate dark circles, relax muscles, and reduce wrinkles. Our massager delivers unparalleled skincare benefits.

    Double the Skincare Benefits

    Combine oil or essence with the roller for double the skincare benefits! Gentle massage helps products absorb better, enhancing skin hydration and smoothness for noticeable results

    Dual-Roller Skincare

    Our roller massager features a dual-roller design, with the large roller for facial and neck massage, and the small roller specifically crafted for delicate eye area. Whether you seek to soothe tired cheeks and neck or gently massage the delicate skin around your eyes, our massager caters to all your needs.

    Eco-friendly Resin Gua Sha Board

    Opt for the eco-friendly resin Gua Sha board, gently nourishing the skin with both full-body and delicate facial massages. Experience its unique benefits and illuminate your complexion!

    Perfect Gift

    Our roller massager is lightweight and portable, allowing you to enjoy a massage at home or while traveling. As a gift for friends and family, it's a thoughtful choice that's sure to be appreciated!


    Is it easy to use?

    Yes, it is designed for ease of use.

    Is this facial steamer portable? Can I use it on the go?

    Yes, our facial steamer is designed to be compact and lightweight, perfect for traveling with. It doesn't take up much space and can easily fit into your suitcase or travel bag.

    How durable is it?

    The product is designed to be durable and long-lasting.