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Red Light Therapy Shoes

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  • Reduces Pain and Soreness
  • Alleviates Inflammation and Sprain
  • Anti-Fungi and Boost Health
  • Wireless and Rechargeable
  • One Size Fits All 
  • Up to 3 Hours Battery Life

Revolutionary wireless light therapy shoes powered by batteries, featuring three-wavelength technology for comprehensive foot care: antibacterial, pain relief, and deep tissue repair.

In the Box

LED Therapy Shoes*1

Charging Cable*1

User Manual*1

Working Voltage


Number Of LEDs

75 LEDs


460nm Blue & 630nm Red & 850nm Near-Infrared


12"× 4.5"

Net weight


    Red Light Therapy Shoes
    Red Light Therapy Shoes
    Red Light Therapy Shoes
    Red Light Therapy Shoes
    Red Light Therapy Shoes
    Red Light Therapy Shoes
    Red Light Therapy Shoes
    Red Light Therapy Shoes

    Powerful and Wireless

    Experience flexible healing with our battery-powered, wireless light therapy shoes.

    Designed for mobility, these shoes let you receive medical-grade LED treatment while walking or standing. Powerful and effective, they are your solution for on-the-go foot care.

    Heal Your Feet Inside Out

    Our light therapy shoes use three wavelengths to rejuvenate your feet comprehensively: 470nm blue light kills surface bacteria, 630nm red light eases pain and speeds sprain recovery, and 850nm light deeply repairs tissues and fights inflammation.

    Why Megelin?

    Unlike other foot therapies, our shoes offer the flexibility of wireless use with three targeted wavelengths: blue light for bacterial defense, red light for pain relief and recovery enhancement, and deep-penetrating light for inflammation reduction and tissue repair.


    How do the light therapy shoes work?

    The shoes utilize battery power to operate wireless LED lights, emitting three specific wavelengths (470nm, 630nm, and 850nm) designed to kill bacteria, relieve pain, speed up recovery from sprains, and repair deep tissue damage, all while you walk or stand.

    Can I use the light therapy shoes every day?

    Yes, these shoes are designed for daily use. Regular exposure to the light therapy can help maintain foot health, though it's advisable to follow specific usage recommendations to avoid overexposure.

    Are the light therapy shoes suitable for all foot conditions?

    While effective for a broad range of conditions, including bacterial infections, pain, inflammation, and tissue damage, it's best to consult with a healthcare provider to ensure they're suitable for your specific needs, especially for severe conditions.