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Red Light Therapy for Lips

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  • Enhances Lip Health Inside Out
  • Boosts Lip Plumpness
  • Reduces Wrinkles Around Lips
  • Increases Lip Luster
  • Easy-to-Use Design
  • FDA Approved Safety

Revitalize your lips with our cutting-edge LED Lip Device, featuring 48 LEDs and dual-wavelengths at 630nm and 660nm for deep collagen stimulation. Designed for daily 3-minute sessions, it diminishes fine lines and enhances plumpness, all in a portable, FDA-approved package for effortlessly beautiful, youthful lips.


Reduce Wrinkles Around Lips

Increase Lips Plumpness

In the Box

LED Lip Device*1

Charging Cable*1

User Manual

Working Voltage


Number Of LEDs

48 LEDs



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    Red Light Therapy for Lips
    Red Light Therapy for Lips
    Red Light Therapy for Lips
    Red Light Therapy for Lips
    Red Light Therapy for Lips

    Dual-Wavelength Plumping

    Our LED lip device utilizes 48 LEDs with 630nm and 660nm red light wavelengths, fostering collagen growth for naturally fuller lips from the core.

    3-Minute Wrinkle Defense

    Just 3 minutes a day with our device's timed function can gradually diminish fine lines around the lips, keeping them smooth and youthful.

    Ease of Plumping Anywhere

    Compact and portable, our lip device makes it effortless to enhance your lip volume anytime, anywhere, with the touch of a button.


    How does the dual-wavelength led technology work?

    Our device harnesses 630nm and 660nm wavelengths to penetrate the lips, stimulating collagen production for natural fullness and rejuvenation.

    Is it safe to use the device daily?

    Absolutely! Designed for daily use, our 3-minute timed sessions are safe, effective, and recommended to achieve the best results for smoother, plumper lips.

    Is the device FDA approved?

    Yes, our LED lip device is FDA approved, ensuring it meets the highest standards of safety and efficacy for cosmetic use.